A Yantra is a visual symbol traditionally used in the East as a centering device for meditation.

Small hemmed squares, about 10" x 10"
Perfect for hanging next to an altar or to take with you when you travel.

For information on Easy framing for squares click here.

#101A Heart - $55

This Yantra for the Heart Chakra contains a six-pointed star formed by two triangles.
The downward-pointing triangle symbolizes feminine energy. The upward-pointing triangle symbolizes masculine energy.
The star symbolizes the marriage of the masculine and feminine in unconditional balanced polarity.

The point in the center is Bindu - that spark of union between yourself and the cosmos.

#101D Aum - $65

 This is a Yantra containing the sound pattern of Aum (Om), the basis of all sounds.
The triangles represent the sacred sound of Aum,
condensed into patterns of light (matter),
from which the entire universe was mainifested.


Negative forces are self-destructive and may seem very powerful when they are united, while the Divine Forces are constructive, but may seem slow and inefficient when they are scattered. This appears to create imbalance in the phenomenal world.

  #101D Durga - $55

This is a Yantra for Durga, the Invincible.
Durga represents the unified symbol of all divine forces.


When this happens, Durga as the Divine Mother, may be envisioned as a bringing together of the scattered Light so that balance may be restored, and negative energy may be transformed into positive energy.

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