Weaving Gallery

 These tapestries are woven with my handspun yarn, dyed with natural dyes.
They have all been sold, but you can contact me for special orders.

Click on pictures to see larger size.

Aztec Temple
32" x 60"

45" x 60"


34" x 92"

Blue Birds Rug
48" x 32"

27" x 39"

Geometric Design
36 1/2" x 82"

Rainbow Rug
22 3/4" x 36 1/4"

Navajo Saddle-Blanket Rug
36 1/2" x 38" $350
34" x 50" $425

Woven in Double Rosepath, treadled in Navajo Saddle-Blanket Weave to create a thick, luxurious rug that feels wonderful to walk or sit on. Warp ends are woven in so there is no fringe.

All natural dyes are used to create these vibrant colors.

Krokgragd Rug
36" x 62" $750

Woven in Krokbragd, a Norwegian weave. This is a thick, textured weave, especially suited to making rugs. All the wool used in this rug was handspun and dyed using natural dyes by the weaver.

19" x 46"