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Artcraft Chemicals - Chemicals, including chrome (potassium dichromate)

Aurora Silk - Natural dyes, including indigo, cochineal, tannic acid, brazilwood, logwood, fustic, madder, weld, and mordants. We also sell naturally dyed silk yarn and hemp yarn and fiber, and books and articles about dyeing with natural dyes.

Blue Castle Fiber Arts -Bringing the Magic of Natural Dyes to the World of Fiber Arts. Learn about natural dyes, where to find them and how to use them. Learn what type of fibers, yarns and other materials they work best with and how to prepare materials using eco-friendly mordants.

Camilla Valley Farm - Supplier of Quality Weaving and Knitting Supplies including: Philosopher's Wool, Cotton, Mercerized Cotton, Belgian Linen, Leclerc Looms, Weaving/Knitting Books, INOX Needles and more. Free Fibre Sample Cards

Dharma Trading Co. - Dye supplies, including some natural dyes and mordants, fabrics.

Earthues - Natural Dyes and dye extracts. Information on the different dyes.

Earth Guild. - Natural dyes and mordants.

Fisher Scientific - Chemicals, lab equipment, etc. For those concerned with the environment and their own health, each chemical has a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

G&S Dyes - Fabrics, Dye Supplies, (not natural dyes) including paper for transferring graphics from computer to fabric using an inkjet pinter. Very helpful over the phone.

Gypsy Caravan - Fabrics from wools to silks.

Henry's Attic - Natural fibers for sale

Hillcreek Fiber Studio - Natural dyes & mordants including walnut crystals, yarns & fibers, looms, wheels, workshops and more.

Horizon Herbs - "Seeds of medicine, seeds of subtance - Certified organic medicinal herb and vegetable seeds, plants and roots", including weld, dyer's chamomile, madder, marigold. Lots of information on growing plants. A great site.

Leclerc Looms - Looms, weaving accessories, yarns

Louet - Natural dyes, mordants, spinning fibers, spinning wheels, yarns

Maiwa -Natural dyes and mordants

Native Seeds SEARCH - Seeds for dye plants: Indigo suffruticosa, Hopi Corn and Hopi Sunflowers

Nordic Studio - Source for fine Swedish yarns; weaving & spinning supplies

Paivi Handwoven Textiles - Natural Dyes and Mordants

Paradise Fibers - Handspinning, knitting, and weaving supplies, including yarns and dyes.

Richter's - seeds for weld and indigo tinctoria

R&M Yarns - Selection of yarns, regular priced and some mill ends; spinning supplies

Sandy Mush Herb Nursery- Madder plants (Rubia tinctoria) and Weld seeds. Check their site for more plants.

Selvedge - Directed towards an international, discerning audience, Selvedge covers fine textiles in every context: fine art, interiors, fashion, travel and shopping with the aim to provide a comprehensive resource for a wide audience of textile enthusiasts

Village Spinning & Weaving Shop - Natural dyes and mordants, weaving and spinning equipment. Owners John and Marsha Novak are knowledgeable and helpful. This is a wonderful store.


The Weaver's Outpost - Weaving, spinning, knitting, natural dyeing supplies. Used Equipment. Workshops.

Webs -. Weaving & knitting yarns

Wild Colours - Selection of natural dyes, mordants. Also dye plant seeds and growing directions for madder, woad, weld, Japanese indigo and chamomile. Dyeing recipes and lots of info on website. Free shipping on orders over $45 USD as of June 2010.

Wild West Weaver - Navajo weaving supplies, Navajo (and other) yarns, Navajo Dye Charts, and more.

The Woolery - Weaving/Knitting/Dyeing supplies. Many natural dyes and mordants.

Wristband Express - Crafting with your Hands: All About Weaving and Spinning.

Yarn Barn (Kansas) - Weaving, spinning, & knitting equipment, books, yarns, including mill ends.

Store Addresses

Henry's Attic
5 Mercury Avenue
Monroe, NY 10950
Phone (845) 783-3930 or Fax (845) 782-2548
Many natural fiber yarns. Welcome to Stores, Dyers and Artisans

Sacred Mountain Dyeworks
6339 Niwot Road
Niwot, CO 80503
(303) 530-4777 or 1-800-927-2469
Natural Dyes (Bulk, dry extract and liquid extract). Mordants and Dye Assists

Spinner's Hearth
7512 Lackey Road
Vaughn, WA 98394
(253) 884-1500
Natural dyes from Louet and Color Trends. Spinning, Weaving and Knitting yarns and supplies including over 100 different spinning fibers

Yarn Barn
PO Box 1191
Canton, GA 30114
(404) 479-5083
Inexpensive source of natural fibers

Village Spinning &Weaving Shop
425 Alisal Road
Solvang, CA 93463-3704
(805) 686-1192
Natural dyes and mordants, and much more. Owners John and Marsha Novak are knowledgeable and helpful.

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Joanne Halls' weaving website has TONS of information about weaving. Anyone interested in weaving should be able to learn something here.

Ron Parker's List of Fiber-related Lists for weavers, spinners and dyers

This is the Oklahoma State University site. Extensive information of different breeds of sheep (and other livestock)

Ruthe Stowe's excellent site provides a comprehensive list of links to other weaving, spinning and dyeing sites.

The Spinner's and Weaver's Housecleaning Page - a place to buy sell or trade all kinds of goodies.

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Dyerslist - Mailing list for dyers

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FiberArts - many links for fiber arts

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Fibernet - Mailing list for fiber arts and crafts.

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Natural Dyes - Natural dye materials and discussion.

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Rugtalk - Discussions regarding rug weaving

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