Framing Squares
Small hemmed squares, about 10" x 10"
Perfect for hanging next to an altar or to take with you when you travel.

I frame mine using an inexpensive frame for scrapbook covers or album covers.
The frames are 12" square..  The silk varies in size but is about 10" square - or slightly oblong..
 (The silk changes in size every time I order a new batch.)
Occasionally I can find a nice wooden frame that is square..

I don't mat them because the expense is much higher that way, but I have found stiff felt as 12" squares .
(and sometimes a larger size square) which make great backgrounds.
 I use double-sided tape to attach the silk to the felt.  It's really an easy and inexpensive way to go.

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This frame came from Ben Franklins. The lavendar background is 12" x 12" construction paper from their scrapbook collection.