Chakra Wall Hangings
 Chakras are mounted and ready for hanging.
Color and design vary slightly from piece to piece.

#206B 8"x 52"

Small size Temporarily
out of stock.

#206E 11"x 54"

 SEVENTH CHAKRA - understanding, knowing, bliss. Violet. I know. Located at the crown of the head, the 1000 petaled lotus symbolizes oneness with the Absolute. Its element is thought and its vowel sound is ngngng as in sing.
 SIXTH CHAKRA - intuition, imagination, dreaming. Indigo. I see. Located at the center of the forehead (the third eye). It has two lotus petals. Its mantra is Om, its element is Light, and its vowel sound is mmm/ nnn.
 FIFTH CHAKRA - communication, creativity, connection. Blue. I speak. Located at the throat, it has sixteen petals. Its element is ether/sound, its mantra is Ham, and its vowel sound is ee as in see.
 FOURTH CHAKRA - love, balance, compassion. Green I love. Located at the heart, it has twelve petals. Its element is air, its mantra is Sam/Yam, and its vowel sound is ay as in play.
 THIRD CHAKRA - will, power Yellow I can. Located at the Solar Plexus, it has ten petals. It is the main storage center for vital energy. Its element is fire, its mantra is Ram, and its vowel sound is ah as in father.
 SECOND CHAKRA - desire, sexuality, pleasure, procreation Orange I feel. Located at the lower abdomen, it has six petals. Its element is water, its mantra is Vam, and its vowel sound is oo as in due.
 FIRST CHAKRA - survival, grounding, manifestation Red I have. Located at the base of the spine, it has four petals. Its element is earth, its mantra is Lam, and its vowel sound is o as in rope.

#206H 14"x 54"

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The symbols on this silk represent the ancient, Eastern understanding of the seven energy centers in the body called chakras (pronounced shah-krahs), a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk.

Six chakras are found along the spinal cord. Their locations correspond to the nerve plexuses there. Each has a different number of energy channels emanating from it (symbolized by lotus petals) which carry the vital energy or life force throughout the body.

The seventh chakra is located at the crown of the head and symbolizes the attainment of super- consciousness or oneness with the Absolute. As one deepens their inner awareness, one can experience different levels of healing and consciousness.

When the chakras are unblocked and energy is free-flowing, the body is in a state of good health and experiences the sense of well-being.

It is the artist's hope that this wall hanging will be used as a meditational and self-healing tool. Each one has been hand-painted by the artist with the intent that it bring healing and joy to all who see it.