Fruitless Mulberry - Morus alba, fruitless variety

Recipe for Mulberry leaves
From: Carol Todd

These were removed after l 1/2 hours

ALUM - Greenish-yellow
COPPER - Khaki (Yellow-green)
TIN - Bright Yellow
CHROME - Brassy Gold

These simmered for 25 minutes longer.

ALUM - Darker Greenish-yellow
COPPER - Darker Khaki (Yellow-green)
TIN - Darker Yellow, less bright
CHROME - Bright Golden-Brown
NO MORDANT - Pale Yellow-Green

LIGHTFASTNESS - All the colors were strong, and some were especially pretty.
I will test for lightfastness June-July,1999 and post the results.

1 lb. 12 oz. fresh leaves, gathered 9/1/98
4 oz. pre-soaked wool, mordanted and unmordanted
Water to cover leaves and wool

1) Cover leaves and yarn with water and let soak 24 hours.
2) Raise temperature to simmer for 1 1/2 hours. Remove first set of samples.
3) Simmer 25 minutes longer.
4) Cool yarn several hours in dyepot.
5) Rinse.
6) Dry in shade.

Ratio 7:1


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